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 It is so important to take ownership of our own discipleship to Jesus. This is a time for us to be seeking out fantastic sermons online, reading the Bible, developing your prayer life, and finding time for worship. We want to help you do that.

NOW IT's Your Turn

There are many amazing resources at our fingertips to explore our faith and practice being disciples of Jesus.

You don't have to figure this out on your own.  Here are some ways in which we can support you in your prayer life, worship and time spent learning about Jesus. 


Use one of these great apps

We are big fans of Lectio365 - an app that provides a daily guide for prayer and reflection. It's fantastic! 

Another great App is "Bible in One Year." The idea is to help you read the entire Bible in one year by reading a small amount every day.


Each day comes with a fantastic commentary by Nicky Gumbel, who presents the Alpha Course. Check it out below:

Ask for prayer guides and sermons

We would  love to send you some suggestions for prayer guides, sermons you can be watching, or other resources to help you practice your faith. Please just get in touch over email, Facebook, or on the phone. 

Check out our worship playlist

Follow us on Spotify to find worship playlists that you can sing along to at home, or listen to throughout the day.

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